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Our Chamber’s events are a great opportunity to promote your business to other local business people. Events are open to everyone but generally the cost for members is less than the non-member fee. Pre-registration for all events; both free and paid, is greatly appreciated. Don’t forget your business cards for networking.

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Why Join BurlingtonMercer Chamber of Commerce?

(or any local chamber!)

  1. Membership brings credibility to your business. You can increase positive perception among consumers and business owners when you’re identified as a member of BurlingtonMercer Chamber of Commerce (BMCC).
  2. Increase your visibility in the community. As a new member of the BMCC, you will be listed on our chamber website, on Facebook and other social media and print publications. Plus, have the opportunity to be highlighted in all other BMCC publications. You also can grow your business by advertising with our chamber and sponsoring events. The chamber may also promote your grand opening/ ribbon-cutting ceremony and assist with any public relations efforts.
  3. Create networking opportunities. BMCC has numerous committees and serving on one of them provides numerous networking opportunities as well as professional leadership development. You can build your business while promoting developments of keen interest to local businesses and the community at large.
  4. Gain a voice in government. BMCC takes on tough issues and opposes new regulations, taxes, fees, assessments and costs directed at small businesses. We also help protect the principles of free enterprise and aids businesses in being treated fairly.
  5. Make business contacts. BMCC’S most fundamental mission is to generate more business activity for the community. The chamber initiates more business-to-business commerce and more opportunities for networking and connecting local professionals than is available through most other local organizations.
  6. Acquire customer referrals. Every day, BMCC receives calls from individuals and businesses looking for potential vendors, and chamber members always recommend other chamber members.
  7. BMCC events and programs. Our chamber events and programs provide members with great opportunities to get to know new people and expand their prospect base. Chamber events are innovative and fun ways to help members meet potential customers, clients and vendors— and generate new business leads. Our mentoring and educational programs will prove to be invaluable to you!
  8. Promotion and publicity. With a BMCC membership, you can reach potential clients through member exclusive advertising and opportunities for business-to-business advertising and publicity.
  9. Access to members-only discounts and services. These differ from member to member but the opportunity exists for members to establish special offers to our membership .

Some business owners might say their schedule is demanding enough at the moment, and the thought of adding one more activity to their busy calendar is unbearable.

So why should you try to cram time into your already hectic schedule to join and actively participate in a local chamber of commerce?

Because membership in the local chamber offers numerous benefits and keeps business owners on top of important, ever-changing issues and trends within their community and local marketplace.

Not only that, but research points out that consumers are more likely to do business with a company if it’s a member of their local chamber of commerce.

Small businesses represent the largest segment by number of most local chamber membership rolls. Results in the research study by The Shapiro Group, Inc. and Market Street indicate the impact of local chamber membership on small businesses is very powerful. If a consumer knows a small business is a member of its local chamber, the business enjoys a 44 percent increase in its consumer favor-ability rating, a 51 percent increase in consumer awareness, a 57 percent increase in its local reputation and a 63 percent increase in the likelihood that consumers will patronize the business in the future. Research indicates that chamber membership stimulates business-to-business commerce in the local community. Other businesses in town are more likely to do business with you and your company if you are a member of the local chamber. Because a major part of a small business typically comes from business-to-business services, it is essential to maintain a positive standing within the local business community. “It takes time for a business to establish its image and reputation in the community,” says Bill Ryan, BMCC president and owner of People Papers (a local, monthly publication).  He says people like doing business with companies they like and trust, but that trust must be earned. “The more a business is networked with its community, the quicker and easier it is to establish a trust bond with customers,” says Mr. Ryan.  He says chamber membership is very beneficial to him and his newspaper business. “The chamber was a great place to network and meet people who shared a common interest in serving their community and their customers.”  Mr. Ryan says all companies face common opportunities and problems. He found the chamber-sponsored networking events and guest speakers to be quite valuable. “We often discuss your challenges and problems with groups of people who understand and had faced many of the same issues.  There was a comfort in knowing that your situation was not unique.”

Ready to join BMCC (or any local chamber), if you aren’t a member already? Keep in mind, however, that you can’t just be a member of BMCC to reap the benefits of chamber membership. Paying your annual dues just isn’t enough. You must also make an investment of time and effort in chamber activities and become involved. Simply put, what you get out of chamber membership is directly relative to what you put in. “If a company is to gain maximum value from membership, it must be an active participant in our chamber-sponsored events,” Mr. Ryan says. “Chambers plan events so that its members benefit. Only by participation, can you get maximum benefit.”

Download and Mail Your Application Here